Brocade Steampunk Corset with Clasp Fasteners Red


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An essential item of women’s steampunk dress, a corset should be sturdy enough to stand up to anything but there is no reason it can not elegant too. The black corset clasps on this model are particularly popular and with good reason. They are both attractive and unusual with a real Victorian steampunk look. The corset itself is just as good as the fasteners, a beautiful brocade outer fabric. The whole garment is finished off in black faux leather.

12 Single Layer Bones
Stainless Steel Busk Closure
100% Fine cotton twill Lining
Features Modesty Panel
Strong Corset Cord Lacing
No trim
Potential Waist Reduction 4-5
Colour: black
Length: 17

Bust line: Mild Sweetheart

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